Burrell Dispute Resolution provides the following services to the labor-management community, federal and private employers:

Labor-Management Arbitrator and Hearing Officer

Dean Burrell serves as an impartial arbitrator for both rights and interest disputes. He can render binding or advisory decisions in grievance arbitration cases in both the public and private sectors, based on statute or the agreement of the parties to arbitrate.  Dean has an extensive background in ERISA, MPPAA and benefits disputes.  He serves on permanent arbitration panels established by collective bargaining agreements. As an experienced advocate, trial attorney, hearing officer and NLRB litigator, Dean Burrell understands the arbitration and hearing process.

Labor Mediator

Dean Burrell is available to serve as an impartial mediator for both rights and interest disputes. He can mediate grievances, workplace disputes, and contract negotiations impasses in both the private and public sectors. He can serve as a mediator / arbitrator under agreements reached by parties.  An experienced negotiator, Dean understands the use of mediation and its nuances.

Employment Arbitrator-Mediator

Dean Burrell provides arbitration and mediation as an alternative to wrongful discharge and employment litigation.  Dean will follow a company’s internal neutral arbitration process and render a decision as to adverse actions, including terminations.  He is a NJ Courts R.1:40 qualified mediator focusing on Labor and employment matters, and a mediator handling employment discrimination claims filed under state statute through the Arizona Attorney General Civil Rights Division.

Fact Finder

Dean Burrell serves as an advisory fact finder.  He will meet with parties, witnesses, and render advisory conclusions as requested by the parties or in accordance with the applicable statute.

Independent Workplace Investigator

Dean Burrell has conducted hundreds of investigations in the public sector, law firms and in-house with Fortune 500 corporations.  He has recently completed the EEOC New Investigator Training.  Dean is knowledgeable in conducting internal agency and corporate investigations involving claims of discrimination and wrongful discharge.  He will ascertain the facts surrounding employment actions, and upon request make recommendations and fashion remedies.

Facilitator/Interest Based Negotiations

Dean Burrell offers facilitation of labor-management processes including expert facilitation of collective bargaining, interest based negotiations, labor-management committees, multi-party discussions, and workplace meetings.